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Sputtering and Etching equipment

Kenosistec srl, recently incorporated in the ATT sub-holding of Angelantoni Industrie Group, producing Sputtering and Etching equipment (thin film deposition technology) was born in October 2005 from the merging of Sistec, one of the Angelantoni Group companies, and Kenotec in Milan.

The similarity of the productions and of the working processes made the hypotesis of merging more and more concrete with the purpose of creating critical mass in the market and developing synergies able to make it leader. The involved application fields are: electronic, automotive, manufacturing mechanic, energy, optic, textile, medical, sanitary.
The most important examples of applicative plasma are: coatings to increase the surface hardness of mechanical tools, surface treatments of plastic materials to increase the scratch resistance, textile treatments to reduce the permeability, sterilization of components used in medical field, cleaning and etching to produce high performances computers.

Sistec produced equipment for plasma technology useful for the deposition of nano-structured material on the surfaces, sputtering system, PECVD system and special equipment for thin film deposition.
Kenotec was a dynamic Italian company with more than two decades of experience in design, development and production of equipment for thin film deposition , in the treatment of pure gas mixtures and in the development of a sensor gas device testing system. Kenosistec co-operates with several partners: Caburn, Tfe, Heat Wave and Angelantoni Industrie.
To speak about Angelantoni Industrie means to outline the historic and economic profile of a company that has become leader in cooling technology and simulation testing. Its foundation, in 1932, happens in Milan when the “commendatore” Giuseppe Angelantoni, born in Massa Martana, after two years working as employee in the maintenance of the first cooling systems, founds his own company called “Frigoriferi Angelantoni”. In 1968 the company moves to Umbria and begins a growth process that makes it leader in cooling technology.

The Angelantoni Group is made up of 3 sub-holding companies and one subsidiary:

  • Angelantoni Test Technologies (ATT)

  • Angelantoni Life Science (ALS)

  • Angelantoni CleanTech (ACT)

  • Archimede Solar Energy (ASE)

Angelantoni is a diversified group with a strong international presence and production facilities in Italy, India, and China.

Angelantoni is a contributor of major innovations in the biomedical, testing, and clean technologies sectors, with a specific focus on the solar sector.