CM&L 2015

21 September 2015 | 23 September 2015

An international event focused on innovation in the field of light, integrating academic research, industrial development, end-users perspectives

CM&L 2015 is an international event organized by the CNR-DSCTM and CNR-ISMN in the framework of the IYL2015 to brainstorm and share views on research and innovation challenges in material chemistry for lighting technologies and applications.

International experts covering the full value chain from academy, innovation-oriented research centers and industries, including end-user industries, will discuss on the strategic role played by chemistry and material manufacturing to enable novel light-emitting technologies.

The Dr. Alberto Bossi of CNR ISTM (Milan, Italy) took part in the congress exposing his work on:

Near Infrared emitters based on [1- (benzo [b] thiophen-2-yl) isoquinoline] Ir (III) complexes with practical application in solution processed OLEDs: structure-property correlations-device.
For this work it was used an Evaporator System made by KENOSISTEC  equipped with thermal evaporators and effusion cells.


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