Gas Sensor Testing Systems

Designed and developed with the help of IMQ – ISTITUTO ITALIANO DEL MARCHIO DI QUALITA’.



  • Three independent test cells, each with its own sensors to monitor constantly pressure, temperature, relative humidity and flow speed.
  • Thermal regulated chamber allows an accurate setting of temperature.
  • Microprocessor program is used to control every valve and to calculate gas flows and gas mixtures at desired concentration, humidity and temperature.
  • Total control of dry and wet flows permits to obtain specified relative humidity value.
  • Mass spectrometer to monitor actual gas concentrations.


Climatic Chamber With Three Testing Cells:

  • Air sealed (vacuum-tested) cells ensure gas sensor heads an interference-free space.
  • 3-pin connectors bring power supply and 12-pin connectors carry various other signals to every cell, so almost every gas tester can be easily mounted and interfaced with the control system.

Automatic Gas Flow Control:

The system provides:

  • 3 mass flow controllers: 2 air (to give dry and wet air) and 1 gas, with a valve system to distribute gas mixture flow.
  • a thermoregulated humidifier, to provide 100% wet mixture.
  • a thermoregulated condenser to eliminate extra humidity.
  • This allows maximum flexibility on preparing gas flows at a given concentration, humidity and temperature.

With these parameters , the control program provides complete automatic sequences to verify all test in conformity with CEI norms. Computer Controlled Mass Spectrometer: Complete feedback on gas concentration is obtained by a computer-controlled mass spectrometer. Software PPT430 allows constant monitoring of cell contents, showing actual system concentration of gas. It is also possible to log data on disk , filling in reports on system activity. A special Close Source allows good readings even at low concentrations (a few PPM) of gas mixture (like CO, CH4, C4H10, and so on).

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